Why to change my Instagram profile to business – Pros and Cons

Why to change my Instagram profile to business – Pros and Cons

Instagram, social network, daily visited by more than 500 million users and also daily almost 4,5 billion of likes within 24 hours. Facebook is not already for a long time the holy place for entrepreneurs as it used to be. Dreams of many freshmen in business disappeared when Facebook introduced the explorer.

So if you do not sell glue for the artificial teeth for a better life or our retirees, and you would like to approach young people (almost 90% of Instagram users are young people up to 35 years), do not wait for your five minutes of fame. Start to create a company profile on Instagram where is the reach of posts almost 10x higher than on Facebook.

Why swap to business account on Instagram

To create your company account, you need only: smartphone and at least one Facebook page administration.

If you don’t have any company and no Facebook page to admin and you would like to have a company profile only because its tools, there is a solution. Connect it with the page that is visible just for you and you do not publish it. I did the same, but also many other people.

But for those of you who already some pages and companies already administrate, we have a cool tool for a company account. No worries, you do not lose yours. Either you can swap it into company one or simply create a new one and just switch between them.

Manage the profile in Settings – change to company profile – and pair it with particular Facebook page.

Following this step, you would be able to add into your profile your contact or the contact of your company, either as email, phone number or address.

Company profile has many tools not to be found with a personal profile. You can see statistics of your posts, amount of likes, what reach they had, how many people did see them and how many of them put your posts under their Favourites.


Statistics also help you when selecting the content. They sort the pictures from those with the highest number of likes and comments to those with the lowest rate of interaction. These statistics are useful for example for advertising and why to sponsor the best posts.

Why swap to business account on Instagram

You also get much information about your followers. Do you want to know which days and hours are they the most active, how old are they, where are they from and what percentage of your audience are women or men? All this information to be found here.


Why swap to business account on Instagram Why swap to business account on Instagram

Each your post you can promote and choose its reach, how many people should it be visible to, but also the length of the promotion. You can promote as per location of a specific picture or as per audience that you either create by yourself or let Instagram generate it automatically.

And if you reach more than 10 000 followers, there is an option to add your post into your Instastories, easily to be opened by simply shift your finger up. If you still haven’t reached that amount, to share the posts you have to use Bios only.

Company account is definitely worth a try. There are literally no Cons. No worries – if you swap for it and you will not like it, there is always an option to change it back. Easy to be done through Settings – switch back to the personal account.