Facebook vs Instagram comparison

Facebook vs Instagram comparison

Engagement – the reaction of people to posts



What is magical about Instagram, that is its Engagement. Posts on Instagram have about 600% more likes compared to Facebook. Why is it so? The crucial part is simple using of the app. To like the photo on Instagram is very easy compared to Facebook. Tap your display twice, and here we go. On Facebook, you have to reach with your finger the small Like button somewhere up. But there are more other reasons, explained below.





The first difference is content. IG is based on photos. The text is not that important, but hashtags – yes – based on hashtags you could search for pictures on any topic. On IG there are no links, only in profile descriptions (in bio). That is also one of the reason why people do not leave IG and they stay on the platform and show higher interaction with content.


Filters and reach of posts


Almost everybody has Facebook currently. Also, more conservative people and that is the reason why FB aimed at privacy protection and information protection and try to block any unwanted behavior or spam. On the wall, there is filtered content that is considered to be the most relevant for you. Instagram is full of excited people that share and follow the exciting lives of other people. Your wall shows everything. That is why your posts have a much higher reach and also – more likes.

On Facebook – you can view only the posts of pages and people you like. Other posts find you only via paid ads. On Instagram you can directly write down into the search tool hashtag and start to browse. That is how your posts become viral for free, and you can reach a much broader audience. Effortless is the way how your post can become viral. You have no clue how and why but your post will be seen worldwide.


Account types


Facebook is based on real people. If you want to join as a business or public person and would like to use it for your marketing, you have to set up the page. Like a page, you have no option to contact people by the message, add them as friends, etc. So you have limited options, and one and only possibility how to attract a new audience is to create exciting content and share it via paid ads.

On Instagram, it is not that easy to distinguish between the standard account and business account. Both account types can do the same and look the same, but to have a business account – there are more advantages. You see the visits to your account, the best posts click on a link in BIO and also use paid ad.




Let’s be honest – the competition on Instagram is relatively low (or at least its easier to get recognized), and because of this fact it is still pretty easy to create a step ahead of the competition that will be difficult to reach by other businesses. If you know how to do it, it is no problem to create a fan base, and it is entirely normal to have rapid growth on a daily basis. This is the dream of every business and marketer.

How your Instagram profile looks like is crucially important for the highest visitor conversion of your profile to new fans (followers).

If your profile is fine-tuned and tuned correctly, you can enjoy booming growth. If your description and content are second class only, your growth will rapidly slow down, and you can suffer from that.

This essential element decides about the results of all your marketing effort. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this attribute. It is less than 10 minutes of our time that we need to invest in this activity.