?[ULTIMAT GUIDE] How to get real followers on Instagram + Growth hacks?

?[ULTIMAT GUIDE] How to get real followers on Instagram + Growth hacks?

Instagram is the most progressive social network, considering its base of users currently the second biggest in the world, right after Facebook. Now it holds 800 million users.  Still not reaching Facebook numbers but while Facebook slowly reaches its limits, Instagram is still rapidly booming.

There are many differences between Instagram and Facebook. All these differences cause IG to be expanding and unstoppable imperium.


1. Set up the account as a professional for massive growth


How to set up the account?


Enough of theory let’s discuss practice now. Create an account is easy and painless. Click on https://instagram.com and set up your account by filling in the registration form.

Instagram Login form


Create a nice profile


Finally, we made it to the most crucial part. The excellent profile consists of these elements:

  1. Profile picture
  2. Description + smileys
  3. Message, Email, Number
  4. Content


Profile picture


The profile picture is usually shown as very small, especially on mobile devices. That’s why it is essential to attract the attention also in minimal format. It has to contain clear elements. The most ideal is a logo with businesses or clear photo with real people.

Best Instagram profile photo examples



This is your opportunity to express in a couple of words what you do, what are your successes so far, your accreditations or maybe even to express your thought in 1-2 sentences. To make your text interesting, the ideal way is to add some emojis in between, and every item put into a new row. Emojis are easy to be looked for, copied, for example here: https://emojipedia.org/

Top Profile BIO tips


Message number, email


Skilled marketers know where to head their fans, and therefore he tries to make it as easy as possible. For the first, you have to switch to a business account to open these functions. Follow these steps.





Content is a category itself, it is crucial for it to be brand and topic aligned to attract the others immediately. This scheme we discuss in next chapters, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we add more articles on Instagram Academy but also case studies of brands that we manage and reached great numbers thanks to our effort.

Instagram Brand color content



Personal profile vs. Business account


In the beginning, it is normal to feel a slight wave of panic whether to create a personal profile or business account instead. No worries. You have to always create a regular account and only then switch to a business account. You can do this anytime, so it does not matter at all. Business account brings only advantages and no disadvantages, so there is no reason to not switch to business account even when you maybe use Facebook for your personal activity.

Business account helps you to see various metrics for posts but also for the account. It allows you to see how many people looked at you, clicked to the site, what are the most favorite posts. Which countries and cities are your followers from, what their gender or age is.


Public vs. Private profile


Every Instagram account is default set as public, that means that everybody can follow it, write a message and the most important, browse the content. But there is also an option to switch to a personal profile that hides your posts from the others and people can ask for your approval to see your content.

This option is ideal for ordinary people that would like to protect their privacy. For us – marketers – this does not make sense to use.


2. How to create a laser targeted audience 

If you would like to have a business and successful marketing, you have to also think of your target audience. This is the essence of doing business. The target audience is your customers, and without customers, you do not make a single step forward. Thats why you have to know who are your customers to attract them to you. If you do not clear this step for yourself, you will not be able to attract those customers to you. You have to find out how they think, what they feel and how they behave. Mostly when creating the content.

For essential marketing, targeting should be enough if you define their location, age, gender, interests and other factors. Let’s have a look at how to use this information on Instagram.




Geo targeting on Instagram


Geolocation or in other words place where your customers live is the most basic variable. Mainly because you have to set up the language, you will talk to them. Geolocation could be defined by marking a location within the post but also by hashtag, both ways are used equally. If you try to target the customers from i.e. Germany, do not focus the hashtag or location only on German, but target all the places that would come to your mind.


Age + gender


Age and Gender targeting


Age and gender are a bit difficult to set up as per specific variable unless you really check every profile. The age of Instagram users is more or less 15-30. Gender could be set up due to interests. But to filter the users on two levels – by interests and geolocation – starts to be a bit difficult.



Targeting by Interests


Interests are easy to be identified and are the most crucial for targeting. Here is the space to work with hashtags. Every interest has more hashtags that are used in their world as well, you need just to discover them. By this, you can penetrate to the biggest fans of certain interest areas. By this, you can also target the followers of competition. So you can be sure that they are really interested in a particular area.




Targeting Engaged users on Instagram


Do you want to have eager fans interacting with your brand? Try to approach the most active Instagram users. Directly target people that have let’s say more than 30 posts and the last post was added in last 7 days. Also, you can target through followings. If one follows more than 500 accounts, it is not very probable that one will notice your posts.


3. How to create own brand – branding

Branding is the face of your brand. It is the element by which your customers recognize you:

  1. What they think about you
  2. What they feel when thinking about your brand
  3. What is your image with them

Why some people buy shoes for 400€ and not those for 40€? Is it because of quality? Maybe little bit yes, but it is definitely not that 10x difference between them. It is because of the brand. It is how they feel when they wear those shoes. That is the difference.

So let’s have a look at how the brand is created and what you have to bear in mind while doing so…


Why build a brand?


You definitely get the financial difference, but there are more reasons. It is mostly the fact it is a financially very demanding investment that does not return immediately, but it is a long-term investment.

Coca-Cola is a great example. It connects the brand with a feeling of joy and happiness and friends. It regularly buys the ad space in TV where you hear just repetition of let’s buy a Coke …it merely shows the happy moments with friends while drinking Coke.

Car companies try to connect their brands with speed, safety, luxury, sophistication or comfort.

Think about it as well, how you want to introduce your brand to your customers.


How to create a brand?


The first thing you have to realize is the value of your company or its face.

Do you want to represent luxury or fun? Sophistication or beauty? Simplicity or technical progress? There are a lot of things you have to decide.

Create the content with emotions you would like to pull.

If you see luxury watches, you won’t connect your brand with fun. Rather have a look at these best watch ads.

Further, you have to create something called brand vision. It means which way the brand goes towards, what are its hopes what the future brings and what does it think that will happen in the future.

A great example has been Apple – Apple is not anymore the best technology company with the best mobile phones. But not that long time go there were always a couple of steps ahead, and if not them, the computers and mobile phones would look completely different. They knew that the technologies could become part of our lives. They knew that it could be efficient in the same way as simple to use and looks very elegant.


What sells your brand the most? StorY


Not every brand is proud of 150 years of company history or some emotionally intense story. Definitely not since the beginning. But how the company develops, the story creates itself slowly. One of the most influential stories is definitely the one behind the brand of Coco Channel. Mostly because of this, this brand has become the most luxurious brand.

Your story has to say your WHY and HOW. It has to tell the customers why you made a decision to start your business and how you made a decision to do it


4. How to create exciting content and build brand

It has been said that Content marketing is king. And it is true. Content is what creates your brand, name and awareness. If it is excellent, it could go easily viral and let half of the world know about you. Content not only creates your brand, but it also becomes brand itself. Depending on what you show to people, people perceive you.

Let’s have a look at a couple of principles on how to create photos for your Instagram to look really stylish and professional.


Colour of brand


Not all the brands go for it, but it is always good if your brand has its characteristic color. CAT got patented yellow color for building machines. Nobody can produce building machines in yellow color anymore. Themesis that we manage got its own colors – black and gold. That’s why we created the photos in black and white version and add their golden logo aside.

How to utilize brand colors on Instagram wall




There is no other platform with so many stylish pictures than on Instagram and that is the reason why people are and stay there. The more attractive and actual photos, the better for you. Sunsets, food, coffee, clothing, fitness, yachts, cars. People are willing to spend hours to get a perfect picture for Instagram – only to look the most stylish for the others.


How to utilize brand colors on Instagram wall 2


Description and hashtag


With descriptions, the best are motivation speakers, but also ordinary people start to add some epic sentence to each photo. Every regular photo tries to be more interesting by adding some poetic or funny description.

But – the most power is hidden in hashtags. Based on hashtags people search for the content and if you choose the right hashtags with high visibility but less competition, each your post get excellent viewability also without having a huge fan base.

The biggest mistake is made by people who think that if they add only a few hashtags, they will look like big brands that do not need it because they have a lot of followers. Too far from the truth. Instagram allows to use 30 hashtags, and we recommend to use every one popping in your mind. Only by doing this you can grow.


Best desciription and tags example


How to search hashtags?


Honestly, the best is to start directly on Instagram, it advises the most popular. Write your keyword into the search engine and you see a couple of suggestions. This should be the base. Also, you can check your competition what do they add to their posts. What kind of hashtags do they use?

Then we have many other programs to help us search the hashtags:

Hashtagify.me was not only that long time ago the best and also for free. But now it is paid, and you can try just a free trial.

But we offer a couple of alternatives, that could help you to replace it:

Ritetag.com – Based on Twitter, the results should not be different though. The most important is, it not only shows the hashtags themselves but also their usability and viewability.

Social-searcher.com – Shows you a couple of top posts under the hashtag you are looking for and helps you to get the inspiration from the competition. It is more practical than searching on Instagram.

Trendsmap.com – Excellent tool if you want to be up to date with your marketing. Shows what is going on in the world and you can react by your content adequately. If you zoom the map, you see much more.


What post types are the most attractive?

On Facebook, you can create a lot of posts, but only some of them have excellent reach and are shared like hell.


  1. Real advice and ideas that people can use immediately.
  2. Motivation and inspiration quotes.
  3. Backstage pictures – show the people how does it look like within your company
  4. Your customer pictures – people always like to see the social proof of your products working.
  5. Questions – If you have built a great relationship with your customers and you are in regular interaction with them, they would be happy to provide their own opinion on specific topics.
  6. Giveaways, sales and deals
  7. Jokes and witty pictures
  8. Photos reminding you of past


5. How to communicate with your fans

To interact with your fans, Instagram developed many functions that allow you to perfectly keep in touch with them and also involve them in the world around your brand. The most ideal way how to stay in touch with customers is to show them photos and videos from the backstage, share the news and interesting facts, but mostly on Instagram, you can ask a lot of various questions.

So what are the options except posts to interact with followers?


Follow Like Comment


Instagram Follow + Like + Comment automatic


Everyone likes to see who followed him, who liked him or who commented on his photos. That is the reason behind the notification, it is the primary tool of how Instagram reminds this fact to its users. Through these notifications, people can click on your profile and look at it.

If you read the previous chapters, followed them, your profile has been done correctly, and you add exciting content, it is guaranteed that many of them give you their follow because they just decide that this profile is worth to be followed.

This is the gap where the huge differences between normal slow growth and booming growth arise.

If you do this correctly, daily follow and like photos of hundreds of people, the dozens will come back for sure.

If you do this correctly and lot, systematically every day, you are able to get 25-150 followers.

It means 1000 – 3500 monthly, or exciting 12 000 – 42 000 yearly. That is the number for quite successful fitness models yeah?

We discovered these tactics about half a year ago, and it brought incredible results. For the first, we managed only a couple of accounts.

Since that our accounts have been seen by 5-10 times more people and also the number of followers increased. A lot.

All of these things we are able to automatize. No need to make it manually anymore. It took us months and years to find out how to make it correctly. And that’s why we have decided that we offer this service also for you. Order now our Followers Growth Service


My day / My story


My Day  or  Story


My day or also known as My story is the most essential tool where you share videos and pictures in a totally not perfect version because here it is accepted if they are not perfect. Stories have become more popular than posts itself, and this is why:

1. The most current posts from your area, no overdone marketing campaigns. Everything is natural as it was shot. People are attracted by that authenticity it offers.

2. „Comments“ resp. answers to these days go immediately into the messages, and this is the most significant change and reform of marketing so far as per our opinion.

3. Survey or poll. Into every picture now you can put the question with 2 answer options. Do you want to know whether customers like the new product? Do you want to know what their opinion on your decisions/steps is? These questions are an incredibly strong marketing tool. I think it is one of the best things people came with so far and it was accepted pretty quickly. Let’s hope it will not be misused and people do not start to neglect them.

4. Links – Up to a couple of weeks ago they were available only for the selected users, currently everybody with the account over 10K followers can use them. It means that the biggest weakness in marketing was overcome. SO far it was pretty difficult to push people to click on the link in your BIO, less and fewer people did it. Now with the message, it is enough to swipe your finger from the bottom of the page to the top.


Utilizing of Links in Instagram stories


5. Tags – In every day of yours you are able to tag also some people. It is not that crucial but it is also one of the most exciting functions, and you can use it more to promote other accounts from your account. But even the other way – you can agree with influencers to tag you in their story.

6. Switch by one click – I mention it as last function or advantage, but it could also be on the top position. Do you know the feeling when you roll through posts, and every time you are interested in something, you have to stop rolling and scroll back? In story simply click on the screen to the right or left and immediately you see a new post. A big step forward.




Messages on Instagram


Do you sell services? Do you want to create a relationship with crucial customers? This is the most reliable tool for this purpose. Abovementioned My days are the most ideal for it – if your fans/customers share some interesting facts, just reply something back – ask the question, write that you love it, that you want to know more or just open the discussion. If he shares something funny, send him smiles, share a similar joke/experience/opinion. By the time working on this relationship, you can also send some exclusive deals and discounts.

You also can send automatic messages to new followers. Welcome them with a special deal coupon or simply say thank you for following you and if they want to ask anything, just write back.

6. How to create popular/viral posts?


Welcome to our 5th part of Instagram Academy that educates people how to become masters on Instagram, and now we are heading towards the most exciting topics – how to make your post popular and viral.

If you are capable of doing this, you become the best master in social marketing. But not every post could be like this. Very often it is a coincidence, a mix of circumstances and lot of hard work around it.

But without hard work, no coincidence will help you.

To make your post popular, we have to push it into Trending posts. There is the enormous attention of so many people. If you would like to have post there, it does not need extremely lot of likes, but it needs to get a lot of them in the very short time.

How to create popular/viral posts?


To reach this stage, we need to motivate people to interact with your post as much as they are able to and as quick as possible.

But before they start to do this, you have to create that post. In the last part, I mentioned a couple of posts that are the most famous with people and you are able to use them in your favor.

But what is essential, you have to design this post that so it goes around by itself.

The central element is the content that motivates people to interact with your post. Set up a contest, ask questions, create a poll. Extremely successful are currently the posts with headline Product for free, pay just shipping costs and especially any contest you can think of.


How to create popular/viral posts? 2


To sum up, you have to spread your post to as many people as possible. The most important is that this post has as many possible and as top quality as possible of hashtags. You have to choose carefully. They have to be relevant, but on the other hand, not those generic ones that everybody uses.

Where to look for hashtags, you know already from the previous chapter. Now I share with you one hack how to have 60 hashtags available instead of usual 30. This hack is not well known and therefore so strong. We believe that it could be used as long as possible.

The hack itself is that those 30 hashtags could be divided into the description but also into the comment. Usually, there are not allowed more. The hack is that if you put into the description 30 hashtags, there will be no option for hashtags in the comments at all.

But on the contrary, it works, you add a post with 0 hashtags. Then put 30 first hashtags into the comment. A further click on the post options, choose Edit and add into post another 30 hashtags.

How to create popular/viral posts? 3

The most ideal is then add into My day picture with information that you have a new post. To let know as many people as possible. If you have some well-known influencers on Instagram, try to ask them to share this post as well. You have to reach as many people as possible in the very short time.

If you want, turn on a paid ad.

Use all the possible sources to support your post. But be sure that it is worth – that you get a lot of potential clients or direct customers. That your name will be spread worldwide and people will get to know you.

Also be sure that this post/action is the best you have ever created. Because if your post is weak, not even the best ad will help it.