Is it worth to set an Instagram account if you are a small business?

Is it worth to set an Instagram account if you are a small business?

Maybe you sometimes wonder whether it does make sense to introduce your company on Instagram – if you are only a local company and the world of social media is full of big giants and there is no chance to shine for you. Big mistake, it is always worth. If you have an efficient strategic plan, patience and a bit of creativity.

Instagram is one of the most used social media, and we can state that marketing within Instagram is easily done than on Facebook, as Instagram is compared to Facebook as his younger brother.

Is it worth to set an Instagram account if you are a small business?

Create a company profile

Step number 1 is to set up company Instagram account to check the statistics of your posts and information on your followers that help you to create the best content for your target group.

Step number 2 – focus on the people from your local area. Not only click on the icon “Follow”, but also pay attention to what kind of posts they add, how they spend their free time, what their hobbies are and try to approach them.

Add as much of quality content as possible. Not only the picture of your product with a description that brings nothing to the customers. Test the products by yourself, introduce them by interesting form and give them the positive appearance that customers will remember.

Is it worth to set an Instagram account if you are a small business?

Show who you really are

Show your customers who are you and who is a hidden person behind your company. Let them have a quick peek into your privacy and show them the production process or how does it look like in your company during the lunch break, talk to them as you do with your friends, they definitely appreciate this approach.

Add Instastories thanks to which you will speak to your customers regularly. Through Instastories it is possible to broadcast some of your events or put a survey into it – this will help you to realize what are the hobbies of your customers, what are they interested in and which product, on the other hand, they do not care about.

Create your own hashtag

Of course, also use the other hashtags but choose mostly the Slovak one as you are so far only local business that focuses on Slovak users. By adding English hashtags, you lose yourself on Instagram as small fish in the big sea.

Using your own hashtag allows your customer to find you easier. Moreover, you can create a contest with the task of using your own hashtag under their post. By doing this, you easily spread the awareness of your brand.

Is it worth to set an Instagram account if you are a small business?

Talk to your customers by messages

One message on Instagram is possible to be sent to 15 different people. This is also a way how to approach your customers – inform them about the news, deals or just introduce the cooperation with your brand.

Reach out to influencers

Approach people from your local area that already dispose of a broad audience base. Whether these are YouTubers, bloggers, travelers or people writing reviews. Of course, no need to approach the most prominent names of Slovak Youtube let’s keep this for later. Start with less known people that you offer your product to test for free.

As a counteroffer, they will make a review and share your profile.

If you do not consider yourself to be a creative type and you have no idea what to do with your Instagram, let us take care of it. We would be pleased to help you get new customers. More information about us and our services HERE.