My account was stolen – Hidden Instagram Vulnerability and How to prevent it

My account was stolen – Hidden Instagram Vulnerability and How to prevent it

Protecting Your Instagram Account

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, protecting it from hackers should be one of your top priorities.

Though it may seem unlikely, hackers are able to obtain your email and account info to hijack your account—and sometimes get it banned forever.

To protect yourself from being caught in a similar situation, follow our comprehensive guide below to see how you can effectively safeguard your account. By using the following tips, you can add an extra layer of protection to one of your most important assets and preserve your Instagram page.

Be sure to read the following information carefully because it could be the difference in you keeping your Instagram profile and in losing it forever.

Protecting Your Email

Contrary to popular belief, the most important part of your Instagram login is not your password.

It’s your email.

If hackers are able to obtain your password, they will still need to find your email to login—and this might be enough to deter them from trying.

However, if one were to get ahold of your email, they’ll have access to all the information they need to find your password and reset.

In doing so, they not only are able to steal your account away from you, but they can begin to use it for spamming schemes that will likely get your account blocked forever—or at least for a significant period of time.

And time’s something you can’t afford to lose if you’re looking to grow your Instagram following. Constant—and appropriate—updates are needed if you’re going to keep in touch with your fans, and you wouldn’t want to lose this because of a hacker.

The unfortunate truth, however, is the more famous you become, the more susceptible you are to hacks.

In order to prevent this, be sure to follow the steps below.

Protecting Your Instagram Account

  1. Never give out your email—When making your Instagram account, select an email that you don’t give out. Don’t use this email for anything else. You’re going to want this one to stay a secret, and if anyone else has access to it, this job gets much harder. Instead, choose another email for public relations and contact if you want to keep in touch with your fans—this one can be one that you use across the board for your PR needs.
  2. Use secured emails—Though most of the major email companies—Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, and Apple—tout their own safety ratings, it’s best to use only Gmail and Apple emails when making your Instagram. Both Gmail and Apple provide superior security options and can help alert you if there are attempts to access your account. Depending on your situation, you may feel that other email providers are more convenient, but remember that your Instagram account is something too important to risk losing. Choose the superior security of Google and Apple emails to help protect your Instagram experience.
  3. Use two-factor verification on your emails—Two-factor verification can add extra protection to your email account, but be aware that it can be bypassed. While it’s not a fool-proof method to securing your account, when combined with the other two precautions listed above, it can help effectively protect your Instagram account.

By following the steps above, you can enjoy greater peace of mind that your Instagram account is protected. Be sure to follow each step closely—especially in cases concerning your email—for maximum security.