Why Was My Instagram Profile Blocked & How to recover it?

Why Was My Instagram Profile Blocked & How to recover it?

Why Was My Instagram Profile Blocked? Is There Anything I Can Do About It?

Having your Instagram profile blocked can be one of the most surprising and frustrating setbacks to your online career.

If you’ve been trying to grow your following only to discover your profile is blocked, the effects can be demoralizing.

Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, it’s probably the case that you’ve experienced this disheartening event.

But don’t worry. All hope is not lost—yet.

Depending on the reason why your Instagram profile was blocked, there may be a way to recover it. This means that understanding why your profile is no longer available is crucial in determining if your Instagram can be salvaged.

Do keep in mind that while it’s possible to retrieve your blocked profile, there are some terms of service violations that can put an end to your Instagram for good.

In that case, there’s nothing you can do but try to start over and strictly adhere to Instagram’s posting policies.

Below we’ve put together a comprehensive overview of why Instagram profiles can be blocked and what steps can be taken in order to restore a blocked profile. If your profile has been blocked, read below to see if it can be saved.

Death Knell: Violations That Get Your Account Permanently Banned

For starters, let’s consider terms of service infractions that will get your Instagram profiled permanently banned. If you’ve committed one of these violations, unfortunately there’s no chance at recovering your profile. Instead, your efforts may be better suited to trying to start again.

Typically, these sorts of violations will have your profiled banned relatively quickly, as reports from other users and Instagram’s own algorithms work to remove the following content from the platform. If you’ve managed to gather a large following, however, please keep in mind that this won’t help you in recovering your profile.

Let’s examine some of the offenses.

  1. Pornography—You may have guessed it, but Instagram does not allow pornographic material on the platform. If you haven’t taken the time to read Instagram’s community guidelines, you may be wondering what, exactly, the platform considers pornography.

The answer is simple. Instagram does allow any nudity save for that found in works of art, images of women breastfeeding, or images of mastectomy scars. All other instances of nudity, including bare buttocks, are up to the discretion of Instagram and will likely be removed.

If your profile has recently been removed and you’re wondering why, make sure that you didn’t post content containing nudity—even that meant for personal artistic expression. If you have, that’s likely why your profile was banned, and unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  1. Cruelty—This one’s a no-brainer, but any photo or video that shows the abuse of other people or animals will have your account quickly removed. Instagram strives to be a family-friendly platform, and content of this nature has no place.
  2. Spamming—If you’ve been using your profile to spam others, Instagram will permanently ban it from the platform. Note: this only applies if you’ve been actively spamming others. If you’ve been the victim of a spamming hack, you may still have hope—but more on that later.

Minor Incidents

If your profile has been banned and you’re sure that you didn’t commit any of the infractions listed above, good news! There’s still a chance that you can recover it! It’s likely that you’ve committed one of the more minor community guidelines offenses, and with a little work, you can get your profile back.

  1. Mass reporting from competition—It may be that you have been falsely accused by your Instagram rivals, or maybe you’ve posted something that inadvertently angered someone. Unfortunately, if your account is reported enough—even without good reason—it will be banned until you can dispute the reports being made. Be aware yourself that false reporting is against the terms of service for the platform, so it’s never good to report others in spite. However, if you believe this has happened to you, don’t lose hope just yet because there may be a way to recover your profile. Please note: this is for when you’ve been falsely reported. If Instagram does find something you’ve posted against their community guidelines, that can affect your ability to recover your profile.
  2. You’ve been hacked—Remember when we said that there was a chance you could recover your account if it’s been hacked and used for spamming purposes? Instagram will sometimes recognize when this occurs, but do be aware that the possibility of you recovering your profile after this is still quite slim—and it’s through no fault of your own. If this has happened to you, consider talking to Instagram’s support staff, and be able to show proof of your claims.
  3. You have a low-authority profile—If you have a low-authority profile, it means that you haven’t verified some of the information with Instagram yet—such as your identity, phone number, etc. The good news is that this is an incredibly easy fix. Simply provide Instagram with the information they need, and your account should be up and running in no time.

How to Recover Your Profile

The only way to recover your profile is to go through Instagram’s Help Center. You should be able to speak with a customer service agent regarding your profile to determine your next course of action. If you’ve been the victim of false reporting or hacking, be sure to have proof of this so that you can have Instagram take appropriate action.

If you’ve been hacked, your next steps are pretty specific, but they should allow you to get back into your profile.


  1. Contact Instagram’s support staff through the Help Center and explain the situation.
  2. Open the Instagram app on your phone and attempt to log in. You should be prompted with a message saying that your account has not been found and given an option to “learn more.”
  3. Click this button and then click an “X” to go back to the original screen and click an option asking if you need help signing in.
  4. Once here, you should be prompted to fill in your email address along with some information about your account and your situation. Select “My account was hacked.”
  5. You will then receive an email containing code from Instagram. Take a selfie with this code, your email, and your username all visible and send it to the address specified in the email.
  6. Instagram will send you a verification email to reset your account.
  7. Reset your account and enjoy access to your profile again!

This entire process can take anywhere from two hours to two weeks to complete.


The Bottom Line

If Instagram has banned your profile, consider the scenarios above to see if you have a shot at recovery. If you feel as if you’ve been the victim of false reporting or hacking, work politely with Instagram’s support staff to recover your account. If you’ve committed a major terms of service violation, however, be prepared to simply start over.