Instagram tricks that you maybe haven’t heard of so far

Instagram tricks that you maybe haven’t heard of so far

Instagram is daily used by the majority of us – either to follow our friends, add Instastories or build our marketing strategies. This popular application disposes of many functions that many of you already know, but some of you have no clue they exist. Let us show you these features and get familiar with them.

How to hide inappropriate comments

For sure this happened to you as well – your post has been „rewarded“ with the not nice comment. To avoid this situation, there is an option on how to hide these inappropriate comments. Visit your profile and top right corner – there is Option icon. Click on it, and you see the menu. Scroll down and click Settings and Comments. Click on „hide inappropriate comments,“ and as keywords write the text, you do not want any more to be shown under your pictures.

Instagram Hide comments

How to decrease the data usage

I am sure you have noticed that Instagram belongs to the apps that help you very easy to use/waste your data. If your data is unlimited, better for you but if you are not this lucky person, save it rather. Click on your profile and click the icon of Options. Approximately in half, there is a mobile data usage where simply choose “lower data usage“. Photos and videos will be shown in lower quality, but from now on you wait for less while downloading them and finally – you save money (and data).

Improve Data spending on Instagram

How to zoom the profile picture

Have you also tried to enlarge the profile picture of somebody who you follow? Unfortunately, through Instagram, you will not succeed. Only if you make a display screenshot, but then the quality suffers. There is a webpage where you can see the picture in top quality, zoom it or also download it – When opening this link, there is a window to be open where fill in the name of the person from Instagram you are looking for. You will see not only the current profile picture in full resolution but all the other pictures that this person shares. Of course, unless there is a personal profile.

Download full profile picture from Insta

How to add more filters

Instagram offers the selection of the most used filters. But there are many more. When adjusting your photo, scroll to the last filter and there you see the option „manage.“ After clicking on it, you see that Instagram offers you approximately half of the existing filters. Tick all you like. The filter order can also be adjusted as you wish.



Instagram photo filters

How to add a color background into Instastories

To be honest, it is not that long that I also downloaded color background from Google or somehow in a very complicated way made a picture of it. If you do not want to follow my analphabetic path, make it easy for yourself. Make a picture or add any photo into your story. In the right top corner, you see the icon of the pen that for sure you know well. Choose the color, first pen and then click on the picture by long tap. Here you go, your color background where you are able to enter text or draw into it. Similar way also works for the second pen, that creates for you color background but this one will be more transparent, and in the background, you still see your photo. I believe you could use this feature for example if you want to inform your followers on something, ask them something or just add some simple text without any photo.

Instagram Instastories background