Secret Instragram Hashtag Growth Hack

Secret Instragram Hashtag Growth Hack

Growth Hack: How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Company’s Instagram

Are you disappointed with your company’s Instagram profile’s growth?

Have you been trying to strategically grow your following but have seen minimal results?

Are you looking to expand your customer base and boost your brand’s reputation?

The truth is: growing your company’s Instagram profile doesn’t have to be hard. It’s simply that most businesses aren’t able to capitalize on the market they are targeting.

That’s true for one simple reason: most companies fail to cater to and reach their potential customer base.

Many worldwide companies operate under misconceptions about how to best use their social media presence to gain and attract followers. Instead of making their best effort to capitalize on potential new customers, they post content that is geared toward only a section of their potential or actual base.

For businesses looking to strategically grow their Instagram following, the most important step is to recognize the breadth of your audience and make sure you cater to every aspect of it.

Keep reading to learn how to use this powerful technique to grow your following and boost your company’s Instagram reputation.

Understanding Your Market

How well do you really understand your company’s market? Are you selling to teens or adults? Men or women?

In what countries?

While the answer to these questions will differ depending on your business, the underlying message is always the same: you can’t truly be successful on Instagram without a targeted approach.

Before launching an Instagram campaign, your company should already have a clear objective in mind with steps on how to get there.

But if you don’t understand your market, you likely never will.

And unfortunately, it’s all too common that businesses fail to account for the diversity of their potential customers and never reach their desired Instagram following.

The first step to being truly successful is to target your posts to a specific group. This audience is one that you have already identified as potential customers.

There are a number of ways that this can be done, but one of the most effective is through your use of hashtags.

Why Marketing Agencies Have Gotten the Hashtag All Wrong

English is the world’s dominant global language and has been picked up as a means of communication between international businesses across the world.

Despite this—and what your marketing agency may have told you—defaulting to English hashtags even in non-English-speaking countries can be detrimental to your company’s Instagram growth.

For some, this may seem obvious, but for others it’s contrary to everything they have been taught.

So why is that the case?

Many marketing agencies and companies push the idea of English in global hashtags because, in theory, it can reach a greater number of potential customers. The idea behind this is that because most people worldwide can speak at least some English, it makes sense that more people will respond to posts that are written in English.

However, time has proven that this has not always been true.

Although this may work in theory, in reality, people are much more likely to follow profiles and posts that are in a language they can understand well. Instead of liking English profiles and posts—where they may understand little-to-nothing of what’s being said—foreign-language consumers conduct most of their social media practices in their native language. This means they are unlikely to search for posts and hashtags in English.

This shouldn’t come as a major surprise. When was the last time you thought of following a Spanish or Japanese Instagram profile? Unless you have a specific interest in the language or culture already, probably never, so you’ve also likely never considered searching Spanish and Japanese hashtags.

So what’s the bottom line? How can you avoid falling prey to this common misconception and start boosting your company’s Instagram following and, in turn, turn this following into an expanded revenue base?

How to Hashtag the Right Way

If you’re an international company, start making hashtags that reflect the language of the company you’re currently marketing to.

For example, if you’re US-based company also has a branch in Germany, be sure that you make a pointed effort to include hashtags that will start trending in both countries. While you don’t have to go full-on German with your post, you can boost its reach by including a hashtag that can be picked up in Germany.

Let’s consider another example. Imagine for a moment that you run a US-based skincare company that is looking to release a cosmetic line in Korea. In order to start garnering the interest of the South Korean market, you should begin to incorporate hashtags that will bring your post up in South Korean Instagram searches. With your post, you can include the hashtags, “#beautiful skin #아름다운 피부,” and you will begin to see increased traffic from the South Korean market.

Looking to take your hashtag game to the next level?

You can also include names of cities and other locations within your targeted countries to get an even larger number of potential customers looking at your posts.

To get the most out of your hashtags, however, requires a bit of research. This method, however, will see the biggest increase in your Instagram profile’s traffic and is all but guaranteed to grow your company’s following in your target market.

Start monitoring and using hashtags that are popular in the countries in which you do business. In Korea, for example, many of the leading hashtags include both English and Korean words for exercise and fitness models. Consider using these hashtags with your post to have them show up to large numbers of users in the Korean market.

By following these techniques, you’re sure to see an increase in your company’s number of followers. Not only will your Instagram profile grow—it will grow in strategic areas that help boost your company’s influence over potential customers in the worldwide market.

Start paying more attention to your hashtags to grow your company’s following in no time!