6.1. – Card payments via payment systems of Paypal or Gopay

Recurring payment means the withdrawal of the agreed amount from the Customer’s card to the seller at predetermined intervals (usually every month).

GoPay or Paypal process payment card data according to the international security standard PCI-DSS Level 1 (this is the highest level of data security in the financial sector).

    1. a) When the recurring payment is set up
      Recurring payments are based solely on the purchase of Instalionaire recurring services(packages).
    2. b) The maximum amount of recurring payment
      The maximum amount of the recurring payment will be the amount the Customer pays for the first paid month. The amount can be changed just only when the customer asks for it or changes the subscription package.
    3. c) Fixation of recurring payment
      The payment the Customer pays in the first settlement month is fixed and will not be increased or decreased for the entire duration of the service.
    4. d) Date and frequency of recurring payment withdrawal
      The date on which the recurring payment is set for the exact day depends on the date when the Customer was registered and the product purchased for the first time. Repeat payout frequency is set to monthly intervals. The Customer will, therefore, be charged on the day he bought it in the particular month. We reserve the right to change the date of regular payment in favor of the customer. The nature of our business sometimes requires us to provide free days of service if needed, therefore we can move the day of payment. The date of the recurring payment is therefore variable
    5. e) Cancellation of recurring payments
      Customer will be able to cancel the recurring payments at any time without any additional fees, fines and with no explanation required. The opt-out option can be found on the GoPay payment receipt and, also, there will be a link in each e-mail to the client area where you can subscription in Subscriptions. Once canceled, the package will be valid until the end of the agreed period, and can then be re-subscribed at any time by creating a new order.
    6. f) Unless payment will be not paid for a variety of reasons, the seller will try to reclaim the payment repeatedly from customer’s credit card.
    7. g) Preferred communication channel

The preferred method of communication is email, namely info@instalionaire.com. You can also reach us at the phone number you can find at https://Instalionaire.online. Through the email above, to the Customer’s email contact will be sent to him/her all information about the recurring payments, the purchased product, and everything else related to it.

This information is an excerpt from business terms.